Thursday Throwdown!

To see the rules, check this page for the detailed rules.

Short explanation:
4 categories: Characters, Covers, Authors, Books

Choose your favorites based on your own criteria (read/like/enjoy/met/signed copy of them)

Winners from last week's Throwdown are first in each category.


<---  Faithe from Rachel Vincent's Shifter Series
(Tough Werecat enforcer who's not afraid to throw a punch to get her way.)
Detective Lindsay Boxer from Jame's Patterson's Women's Murder Club Series. (She chases a Jewel thief, a murderous movie star, and a killer with a vendetta against women and children.)  --->



 Promise Me Tonight by Sara Lindsay


A Tapestry of Spells by Lynn Kurland


Nora Roberts


Joshua Cooper Ramo


On Mystic Lake by Kristin Hannah
[B&N Synopsis: Annie Colwater’s husband has just confessed that he’s in love with a younger woman. Devastated, Annie retreats to the small town where she grew up. There, she is reunited with her first love, Nick Delacroix, a recent widower who is unable to cope with his silent, emotionally scarred young daughter. Together, the three of them begin to heal. But just when Annie believes she’s been given a second chance at happiness, her world is turned upside down again, and she is forced to make a choice that no woman in love should ever have to make.]

The Runaway Princess by Christina Dodd   
[B&N Synopsis: The Runaway Princess, is a royal treat. When Miss Evangeline Scoffield comes into her inheritance after a lowly life as an orphan in England, she's able to live the big life. Expensive gowns, pricey trips abroad, and suddenly Evangeline is a fine lady of indeterminate background. But she finds that acquiring a new identity can lead to trouble when a handsome stranger comes into her life and tells her that not only is he a prince, but they are to be married. Don't miss this one!

Voting ends 11:59pm on Tuesday May 4th. Please  be sure to post your vote below or a link to your blog where your vote can be found. I can only count those on my blog for practical purposes.

Let the Battle Begin!!!


Michelle G said...

Hi. Found your blog through the hop. :)

Have a great day.


MJandersen said...

1 decision
id would like to buy a vowel and show the girl with the hot body
so A

2 decision
DAMN.. that guy got a BLADE.
so B

3 decision
im into cougars
so A

4 decision

so... A

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