Str8te Boys by Evangeline Anderson

Str8te Boys by Evangeline Anderson
June 2009
Gay, Romance, Erotica
Samhain Publishing

Why I read it: Loved the first book I read of hers, and I wanted to taste another. [go here for the review I did on The Assignment]

Synopsis from Barnesandnoble[dot]com.

How far would you dare to go…to win it all?
Maverick Holms and Duke Warren share almost everything—a college soccer team, an apartment and the same extremely competitive nature. Thanks to that never-back-down spirit, they’re about to share more than they bargained for.
The game is “gay chicken”. The rule: get as close as possible without kissing, and the one that pulls away first is the loser. The problem: neither of them likes to lose. It isn’t long before the game becomes an excuse to touch and kiss in every possible forbidden way. And after they pose for a gay website to earn extra money, things really heat up.
Suddenly Duke is talking lifetime commitment, and Mav is backpedaling as hard as he can, not sure if he’s ready to accept all his best friend is offering him. Or the truth about what he is.


Str8te boys followed the same format as her other I read, The Assignment. So I already liked the way things happened, but it did leave me a bit disappointed that she couldn't have changed it just a bit more. There were obvious differences that are revealed in the end, so I won't spoil those, but it followed too closely to the other for me to get the full benefit I could have.

I did love how it was fast paced, and exciting. Daring even. The way it developed was a bit differently because of certain aspects, but there's still that uncomfortable feeling. I mean, not all scary relationships start out the same way right? 
I say scary because it's going outside of your comfort zone. It's not like they go out there knowing without a doubt that they like one way or another. They develop it and find out that it's true with each other. I still recommend The Assignment first, but I will add a "but" clause in there. If you're not ready for overly flamboyant-ness, then you should read Str8te Boys first. Because it does explore it from a different, less showy way than The Assignment.

1.Cover: +1
2. Hooked: +1
3. Finished the book: +1
4. Overall Feeling: Pos +2
5. Re-Readability: +1
6. Suggest to others: +2
7. Lost time: Nope +1
8. Grammar: .5
Same 9.5 out of 10 as her The Assignment.  Well deserved.

This is book 3 out of my 30 book challenge! check!! :D


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