BOOks In ChAIns--the meaning behind the name.

This blog used to be called "Good Reading". Lame, I know, but it was all I could think of.

So one day, I was at work and thinking to myself, look at all these great blog names. Death by Books [actually... I didn't see that one, but it sounds awesome], My World of Books, BABBLING ABOUT BOOKS, AND MORE!, Crazy-for-books, Smexy Books, Teens Read & Write, etc.

Good Reading sounds soooo, ick. I needed to find something more... me. So I started thinking. What's different or unique about me and my book obsession? Nothing really. Besides that I'm picky about what I will read, but at the same time, I will push the limits on the type I like. So, nothing will work with that. Then I thought back to a blog I had run across about a month back: The Book Smugglers. Their story is unique on the name change. They have to smuggle their books they buy in their purses so their husbands don't see it. That's the same with me too, but I could hardly use the same name right?

Defeated, I went to my music player for the radio station back up in Seattle I listen to online, and saw "Alice in Chains" had just been played. That's when inspiration hit. My man and I grew up in Seattle [surrounding areas] and they have a lot of great culture that I yearn for down in Sacramento. The music scene being the thriving part of each local community. And since Alice in Chains is originally from Seattle (along with Nirvana & Pearl Jam), I thought the attachment to music and books would be best for me. Especially since rock is my favorite genre of music. 

So when I thought BOOks In ChAIns, I knew it was perfect. Not only because of the tie to great music, but because the meaning of what it was saying rings very close to true in what I've experienced. My man, until he learned better, kept insisting I get rid of books after I read them. That we didn't need them anymore, or we didn't have the space. Finally, he gave in, but only after I had to practically chain the stinkin' books to my body. I won't let ANY book get out of my working library. Sure, I'll lend a few, but there's only so far I'm willing to go with it. I want my library one day, and I don't want to spend a lot of money to furnish the bookshelves when I already did.

From Good Reading to BOOks In ChAIns. Definitely a nostalgic improvement :D


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