March 2010 Recap

So... I was a book loser in March. Which, by the way, that sounds like I am an extra loser since I lost in the world of "book worms" and "geeks" [yay me!].

But what I mean by that, is that with my wedding plans getting in the way... I hardly read. Well, not only wedding plans, but also just life. I swear I went to the dentist's office every week in March. I don't have another dentist appointment until April 13th [happy bday bro!] to get my crown "cemented" [ew!] on. And just before then I have an Orthodontist "hopefully you don't need braces" check. Which I really hope I don't need braces.

Okay, off track. I didn't read too much this last month, that's my point. All I read was... duh duh duhnnnn... 2 books [ewwwwwww!!!]. Ugh... so horrid.

I have higher hopes this month. I think I'm going to set a goal for myself. I don't do New Years Resolutions or anything, but I think I will set a "book-relaxation-life-is-good" type goal where I want to finish 30 books by the end of the year. I'll even start as of today April 1st 2010! So no cheating and using the books that I read the past couple of months. I think that's also a fair goal. If I started from January 1st, I would have tried for 50... ish. haha.

So, to recap for last month, I read the following:

Boys that Bite
Stake That

You know what.. I probably read more, and I'm just having an idiot moment and forgot about them. I'll look at my bookcase... there has to be.. right?! ugh.

K! I'll be better! I'll fit in some reading time around work, writing, wedding, TV shows (I'm behind on 31 episodes so far--not counting today), boyfriend, blogging, and sleep!!


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