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Firstly, I don't care about the meaning behind a book. Meanings show up all around us in life, and I use books to escape reality. I don't want to have to think too hard about what this book in front of me is really saying. To be honest, I don't even understand the meanings behind South Park, or Family Guy, or any other show that has the secret-yet-not-so-secret messages. #1 always explains those to me =D. So, if you want someone who can grasp the meaning behind a book, don't look here. If I do find a meaning, it's probably so insane and far-fetched that you don't know where you wrote that message in.

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My rating system:

1. Cover - 1pt: 

I am a huge "judge a book by it's cover" kind of person. Though, I have been fooled by good and bad covers, so I don't hold a bad cover against them too badly ;). I know that's not all on the author, but looking at the whole package, a cover can't be ignored. It's the first thing you see.
2. Hook - 1pt: 

It's simple, I don't want to have to work at wanting to read the book. Where's the fun in that? The reason I read is to escape my reality and experience the life of someone else. I have to work at my life, reading should come easily. [I will give the book I'm reading at least 1 chapter to get me intrigued, at the most... 2-1/2 chapters]

3. I was able to get through it - 1pt:

I really don't like not finishing a book. But there are those that are absolutely impossible to finish. So this should be an easy point for all books

4. Overall feeling - negative/positive - 2pt: 

I say negative/positive because I just want to close the book feeling... something.  It could leave me happy and content like contemporary romances. Or angry and frustrated like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [Professor Dolores Umbridge's character]. It can even leave me in tears like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire/Half-Blood Prince [death of Cedric Diggory and Albus Dumbledore]. I just want to be left with a part of the book. If it tugs on the emotional strings [good/bad/ugly] then I'm more likely to recommend it to others.

Oh, btw, I don't like the sad/depressing stories. And yes, I'm in love with Harry Potter. If Ron was a real character, I'd totally move to England for him.

5. Re-readability - 1pt:

About 1/2 of all my books I've read, I have re-read at least once. Most of the time, it's about a gazillion times. If it's a mass market size, then the spine is ruined. Of course, I don't read it word for word anymore, but why would I when I already know what's going to happen? I just want to experience the awesome-ness again, even dulled.

6. Suggest to others to read - 2pt: 

I probably suggest more books than I should. 1 point would mean I may let someone borrow my book, or tell them if they want to "continue" in the genre, they can use that as a filler until I find them a better one to be in love with. In conclusion, the 1 point will be awarded to those I'd recommend lightly. i.e. Vampire Diaries, Uglies and really any Nora Roberts books.

2 points are the type I go absolutely nuts-o for and it gets to the point that I talk about the characters as if they're real. More specifically, the male characters. i.e. Vampire Academy [Dimitri/Adrian], Mortal Instruments Series [Jace], Mercy Thompson Series [Adam... *sigh*] -- See! right there, that *sigh* was a perfect example of the craziness that goes along with 2 points.

Beware if you want to read a 2 pointer, but only because you'll start talking like I do about it and bug every person around you. ;)

7. Did I lose any time reading it? - 1pt [no]:

If I felt like I wasted my precious time to read the book, then I will give it a "0". 1 point is for no time loss. I know it doesn't make sense when it's backwards this way, but in order to get the highest possible points total, I need to make it reflect that.

When I say "precious time" I really do mean precious. At the present, I'm working full time [plus some], I have 3 blogs [4 if you count the sister blog], a wedding to plan and books to write.

8. Readability - 1pt: 

Grammar, doesn't bother me. What does bother me is when I have to go back and re-read the same sentence or paragraph a few times because I couldn't understand what they are trying to say. I do give allowances for sleepiness. But I've never been one to criticize that. Yes, I can see the mistakes there, but I don't care. The author didn't write this story for me to read and edit his/her work. Because by the time I get the copy of the book, they've already printed about 30,000 copies and are filling purchase orders to stores.

**There are 10 possible points

*** You'll get the feeling that I'm an easy reviewer. And in some parts I am. I don't over-analyze the plot or the meaning in anything. I wish I didn't even feel like I have to explain that. But I just like to promote something I enjoyed without too much conscious thought on my part. I think enough in my normal life, the only thing I want to think about while reading is when they're getting naked... ;). *giggle* I wish I could say I was totally joking. But that thought does cross my mind very often.
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