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One Bite With a Stranger by Christine Warren

One Bite With A Stranger
by Christine Warren
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Others
St Martins Press Oct. '08

**Favorite Quote**

My God. I think I'm dead, she mused, too tired to get worked up about it. He fucked me to death

Not yet, milaya, he chuckled. But there's always next time.

Back of the book:

When Regina's friends insist on setting her up  on a "Fantasy Fix" to help her get over her cheating ex, she dreams up some kinky out-of-this-world encounters that they could never possibly bring to life. But the next thing Regina knows, her friends have got her laced into a shiny black corset, tight leather pants, and a sexy pair of stilettos. It's time for some downtown vampire-fantasy fun...

The Vampire Ball in Manhattan's East Village isn't really Dmitri Vidame's idea of a good time, but as a member of the Council that governs The Others, he has to keep an eye on all the young vamps who prey on the pretenders. After he feasts his dark eyes on the fiery Regina at the bar, he knows that he must have her. But for the first time Dmitri meets a woman who is more than a match for his indomitable will. And he may be the fantasy Regina hoped for...until she-and her feisty friends--discover her sexy new lover's bloodsucking secret...


Right off, this book reminds me of the good ol' days when I actually had girl friends. Then I remember all the drama of having girl friends and I see once again, why it's best if I don't mingle with other females :P. But I did like the idea of the "fantasy fix" I actually think that would have made for a better series than including or starting off The Others Series.

I couldn't ever get a good read on Regina. She seemed a little like me, but too flimsy. So, she was stubborn and thought her friends were crazy (that'd be the me-relating part) but she just turned to absolute putty around Dmitri (--the not me part). She just seemed to be so conflicting. I think the thing I enjoyed most about her was that she had red hair... i believe. (hahaha... I read it somewhere in the book, but then it never mentioned it again. So... I may have made her a redhead.)

Dmitri was ... well, a vampire. He was the suave and dangerous type as would be expected. He could read minds, some more clearly than others. He can also put his thoughts in yours too... which also means that he can mind rape you. Now, I don't consider pulling psychological bullsh*t on another "mind raping" like most others do. If that were the case, every female would be at fault. With all the games they play with both men and women, if that were turned into a legal offense.. then we'd all be guilty and sent to jail. So, when I speak  of "mind rape" in this instance, I'm talking about him actually putting a thought (literally) into someones mind and coaxing it mentally. Not with words or actions... but he's using his mind connection to do that. That's what I consider "mind rape". At the end of the book of course he claims that he could never do such a thing, but what he can do is take something that's already there and make it stronger or less in that person's mind. So he can't force you to do something you never considered doing. Like trying clams... Or stabbing myself in the stomach. etc. 

But where Dmitri screws himself with the mind reading, he makes up for a very tiny bit in his nick name. I LOVE nicknames, especially the ones of a different language. "Misha" is his nickname.. and as you saw above, he calls Regina: Milaya. Nothing particularly pretty about either name, but it just makes me happy. It did make me a little uncomfortable when other people outside of their lovers embrace called him Misha. It kind of dulled it down a little bit, thus, bringing him back to square one with the mind reading.

The only way to sort of redeem himself is through the sex though. Holy cow was the first "sex scene" hot! In fact, on my cheat note card, I wrote: "1st sex scene-Holy Moly!" They're hot, and of course, as present in this book as they are in the others of the Other series.

My FAVORITE scene of the whole book, has to go to one of the almost very last ones. When I read through it, all I could think of were her friends looking disheveled and crazy-eyed holding pitchforks and fire-lit torches.... :D

1. Cover +1
2. Hooked: +1
3. Finished the book: +1
4. Overall Feeling: meh +1
5. Re-readability: +0
6. Suggest to others: +1
7. Lost time: +.5
8. Readability: +1

So, I give this a 6.5 out of 10. I would only suggest this to those that have already started or would like to read all of the Others' series. Or if you just love series. It's not a bad read, but it's not amazing. And besides trying to figure out the actual order this series goes in, I don't think I would read it again. This book does feel like it's first (as says Barnes and Noble)


RIP Paul Gray

Since I'm a lover of rock and metal music, I'm just getting the word out that Paul Gray, bassist of Slipknot, died yesterday (May 24, 2010). Not sure why or how as of yet, it's just stated that it was sudden. Obviously, due to the rock lifestyle and the fact that he was 38, there has been speculation of substance abuse. But whatever, he's dead, that's the point of this post. I don't care how. It sucks either way. I wonder how Slipknot will move on. I mean, he wasn't the lead singer but it still has an effect on the people close to him.

But since the band is a business, I hope they can pull through and find a kick-ass bassist to move forward with. I know they'll still be able to produce great records even if Paul's not with them. And if it was caused by illegal substances, I hope that the rest of the band can see this as a warning... (if they're even doing it!!)

Try listening to a song of theirs (if you don't like metal: I recommend "Snuff") as a tribute! Thanks gals/guys for this moment!

More by Sloan Parker

More by Sloan Parker
PDF file (details below)
series: Gay/Lesbian Erotica
Loose ID Pub
March 2010

**I won this book in a contest put on by Janna at E-Romance Reader. Book was provided by Sloan :D AAND it was the first contest I've ever won :D**

Blurb from Sloan Parker's Website:

For fifteen years Luke Moore has lived by three rules: stay off his father's radar, never spend more than a single night with any man, and never fall in love again. But one night of explosive sex and two men whom he can’t get out of his head have Luke breaking them all. Richard and Matthew push him past all his boundaries—both sexually and personally—and now he’s no longer hiding from his senator father; he’s taking him on. And he isn’t just falling for one man; he’s falling for two. If you're going to break the rules, might as well break them big.

But Luke’s father has his reasons for hating how his son lives, and he’ll do whatever he can and use all his power to keep Luke away from Richard and Matthew.

Can this threesome find a way to make their unconventional relationship last with the world around them trying to pull them apart? And will Luke be able to keep breaking his rules for Richard and Matthew, or will he head back to his familiar way of life just when his new lovers want to bind him tighter?


So.. I don't know about everyone else who reads the gay/lesbian romances.... but I LOVE the warnings they put at the beginning of the books. They all sort of differ a bit but on my "cheat sheet" note-card I use for all my books, I wrote that this one made me smile :D (oh.. and something about making me want to call my practitioner... though I'm not a dude, and all these things would probably be moot anyway).

Alright, the first sentence caught my attention fast. What a way to start too. I immediately thought "why?" "who?" and got scared for and protective of the main character, Luke. He's troubled in only the way that a bad past and hard living could create, and you realize that it's so much worse than you thought as the story progresses.

*sidenote* Sloan's female. Which already predisposes her for harsher judgment (from me... sorry) on her interpretation of the male mind. It's just as complicated as a female, but in a simpler way (exactly what I meant by complicated). But she TOTALLY pulled it off. She built Luke up so well that I really thought he was writing the story, not Sloan. Which seems harder and harder to find the more books I read.**okay, end sidenote**

This book really helped me see into that other world. Being a straight female with the same boyfriend (sorry.. fiance) from high school, I have NO idea what happens in the dating world, let alone in that one. For example.. are there really clubs where you can go and have anonymous sex at?! How ingenious if it's true! Especially for men. (Read the book before you say "Umm. that's every bar Amber", then you'll know what I mean ;)-). 

ANYWAY! It's explosive from the start (the sort-of-pun was intended :P). Luke can be very vocal about his specific sexual wants and needs, but closes down when it gets to be more than that. When he meets Matthew and Richard and they give him what he wants and more until you are speaking aloud to the book and an empty room for him to just let go and enjoy, everything

Matthew's such a sweetheart and only from reading about him I really wish I could pinch his cheeks (upstairs cheeks for you dirty minds) because he was so freaking cute. Or shrink him and put him in my pocket so I can keep him close to me at all times. Matthew's fear he had to overcome was minor compared to Luke's. I was so happy with how he came about that fear (ummm... not in the "yay, I'm glad you suffered kind of way". But the "I'm so glad it wasn't because of the typical 'drunken parent'" way...)

Richard is more of the protector, but sort of the gentle giant too. He loves emotionally and physically but he'll use both to pound you to a pulp if you look at him or the other two funny. He had a hard time not being in control (outside of the bedroom of course) and though he seemed like the strongest of them all, he was vulnerable to certain things you wouldn't expect from a big guy.

I don't want to give away too much about the book since I want you to read it! Like now... Okay.. wait until the end of this post before you go just yet! So what I will give away about it is that it is fantastic. I tried reading it on my break at work until I realized an hour went by (45 minutes longer than I should have taken). Woops! So that put an end to that. 

Like with all great books... I had a hard time finishing it. What happens is that I want to know sooo badly how it ends... except for the part when it actually ends. So, while I won this in a contest back in April... I didn't finish it until mid-May. Part of it was because I was afraid of how Sloan would end it. Endings, for me, tend to make or break the entire book. Where every experience so far, no matter how great, has the chance to fail miserably. And the other part was because I didn't want to stop reading about these characters. But, just like the way Luke thought/felt/acted, she pulled it off beautifully.

One thing I noticed with her writing that I usually only see with "seasoned" authors is that she wrote with that cocky arrogance. But she also maintained the vulnerability of a new author. So she told you all you really needed to know and actually spent time to make it flow. Most of the time, even with my favorite authors of both "seasoned" and new, they go too far on either side of the spectrum. For example.. Nora Roberts... she's an arrogant writer. She focuses on the fluff and spares the details (IMO). On the other side is an author like Rachel Vincent. Her first book (Stray) contained sooo much detail that it ended up (though I enjoyed it immensely) breaking that flow a bit... does that make sense? Probably not since my flow and detail suck ;). All you need to know is that it was written really well, and she's been added to my favorite authors!!

1. Cover +1
2. Hooked: +1
3. Finished the book: +1
4. Overall Feeling: :D +2
5. Re-readability: +1
6. Suggest to others: +2
7. Lost time: nope! +1
8. Readability: +1

10 out of 10!!! :D. One person on the cover looks like someone I used to know, so of course I have to love it... Oh, and the fact that there's two other hunks on there too :P. Annnd I know I don't usually suggest or recommends gay/lesbian or even erotica books to those that don't read them, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest you read this one (with the disclaimer that you are fully aware that this is a m/m/m erotica... okay?!)

So thanks again Janna and Sloan Parker for doing this contest and letting me read/review MORE!! :D

Here's Janna's review
Sloan Parker's Website
Sloan Parker's Blog
**pst... After you read this!! *cough*hopefullysoon*cough* you can read another book in this series about Walter Simon :D (It's "in progress".. which means that you need to buy her book so if she has one, she can quite her day job to finish it quicker ;p)**

Anxiously Waiting for....

Hey friends!

I believe I'm behind on just 1 book of the series (don't worry, it's sitting on my shelf, taunting me), but I am having a hard time waiting for work to be over with so I can go buy Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter! It's been on my Waiting on Wednesday meme every single week!! So you better believe I'm not stopping until I've licked the cover of my future copy at Borders... Hopefully they let me walk out of the store with it before they carry me away in a straight jacket where "everything will be okay".

Actually, is there something called a tongue sanitizer? Because I can only guess how many people have handled each book before it gets to my hands (my guess would be pretty accurate since I know how many it takes to get it in to grocery stores) so I would hate to catch something by licking it. And I can't not lick it... that's how you're supposed to claim things.. even cars! Plus, it would be just my luck that I would grab the last copy at the store and someone tries to steal it from me. Imagine if you did that and I yelled after you "I licked that!!! It's mine!!!" OR... WHAT IF!! I don't get any copy, but I see someone walking around with the last one, and I steal it from them... then lick it. They can't very well ask for it back... I licked it!

So you see, I need tongue sanitizers... (besides the obvious brushing teeth... I can't carry a tooth brush around too) If you can create/test/mail me that before 3:00pm today... that'd be cool.

AnYwAy! Go get your copy today!!!! OORR EELLSSE!!! :P

Gena Showalter's blog - website

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

-Grab your current read

-Open to a random page

-Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page

BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)

-Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teaser!
You're So Vein 
by Christine Warren 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Others
Pg: 117

"'Lapushka,' he gritted out, 'your fangs are not yet sharp enough to be snapping them at me.'
She smiled as sharp as broken glass. 'Why don't you put your dick back in my mouth and we'll see about that?'"
Ah! I think I'm saving that as a favorite quote!! :D What's your Teaser?!


A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach

A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach
Genre: Gay/Lesbian Erotica
MLR Press, LLC 2008

Barnes and Noble Synopsis:
Architect James Justin impulsively lets himself be picked up in a biker bar by seductive hunk Bram Lord for a one nightstand that turns into something bigger. The physically impressive, forceful stranger meets, matches and exceeds James' sexual fantasies, but can shy, uncertain James be everything the strongly committed Bram wants? 

First scene took place at a bar. Like a biker bar... (obviously right... it says it above). But the craziness I'm trying to relay here is that the first scene of the book, is pretty hot. And that's before they get outside to do the dirty stuff. I was tense through the whole thing, just waiting for someone there to yell out some kind of profanity and for there to be a fight. No matter the size of the 2nd character (Bram).

Speaking of, Bram was a gentle giant. BUT! He wasn't afraid to pull out the guns. He enjoyed the small things (i.e. James) and then doing baaad things to those little things (i.e. tie him up and "ee-ee" [bf & my lingo for sex/f**k/make love/horizontal tango/etc] aaalll freaking day and night). Seriously?! Almost TMI for a moment... I don't know of any male over the age of 30 that can do it multiple times a day. Plus, I heard it hurts. Maybe these too were really lucky though?! Probably, since the eroticism was off the charts. I don't think the Energizer Bunny could keep it going for that long!!!  And it was not strictly secluded to the bed. There was the bath, kitchen, alley, office, you name it, they "christened" it. Or marked it. 

There was a little bit of a story that went along with this book, which I think pulled it all together. James' past is what a lot of gays I think used to have to go through (I say "used to" because now it's now the kids that grew up thinking it was okay to be gay that are having kids). Bram's was the opposite. Both pasts helped shape the two men. I actually related more to James' than Bram's though.

1. Cover +1
2. Hooked: +1
3. Finished the book: +1
4. Overall Feeling: :D +2
5. Re-readability: +.5
6. Suggest to others: +1
7. Lost time: nope! +1
8. Readability: +1
8.5 out of 10!!! :D Here's why:
If I were to re-read this book, I'd probably just skim through it to get to all the awesome dirty stuff. I also can only recommend this book to those that enjoy gay/lesbian books. So if you love that genre, I suggest giving this one a try! Bram, I think, steals the show from James, but you'll enjoy their relationship (between the sheets & out) as it progresses. 
[btw, I love her blog header: "The thoughts and challenges I come across in being a heterosexual woman, wife and mother who loves to write m/m erotic romances. I'm not gay or male, but the thoughts of two gorgeous, confident men together is my idea of a hot time! I write for others, both men and women, who feel the same." Totally understand that!!]

**please email me if you've read and reviewed this book so I can add a link to your site!**


Have you heard of this?

So about 6 months back, I was talking to my BFF about a business idea... book rentals in a Netflix sort of way. So, a little different from the library system. The lazier sort of way :D

And I couldn't find one... until now.

Have any of you used Bookswim? Or heard of it? good/bad?

It was featured on gifts.com for book lovers and I've never seen it before. It's probably been around for a while, but I just couldn't find it via search. I don't know if I'd use it all that often (since I'm working on my future library collection), but I know some people who might...

What do you think about it?


Three Days to Dead by Kelly Meding

Three Days to Dead by Kelly Meding.
Series: Dreg City Series (#1)
Dell 2009

Some favorite quotes:
"...it's not every day a person becomes a reanimated corpse. My day was decidedly much worse, so I did the most sensible thing that came to mind. I stole her tennis shoes." pg. 6
"I can do a better job of ripping him a new asshole when I don't feel so much like death on cracker" pg. 106. (pst.. not sure what death on cracker means... but I heart the blunt badass-ness :D)

"I could have stayed like that for the rest of my afterlife... only I had to pee." pg 296 (hehehehe)

Barnes and Noble Synopsis:

They’ll never see her coming. . . .

When Evangeline Stone wakes up naked and bruised on a cold slab at the morgue—in a stranger’s body, with no memory of who she is and how she got there—her troubles are only just beginning. Before that night she and the two other members of her Triad were the city’s star bounty hunters, mercilessly cleansing the city of the murderous creatures living in the shadows, from vampires to shape-shifters to trolls. Then something terrible happened that not only cost all three of them their lives but also convinced the city’s other Hunters that Evy was a traitor—and she can’t even remember what it was.

Now she’s a fugitive, piecing together her memory, trying to deal some serious justice—and discovering that she has only three days to solve her own murder before the reincarnation spell wears off. Because in three days Evy will die again—but this time there’s no second chance. . . .

Wow... this was a fantastic read. Especially for a debut book! Well, maybe especially is the wrong word. I know that most authors spend up to years on one single book with edits and what not before it's picked up by agents.... but you know what I mean.. I hope?!

So it starts out with one of my favorite quotes from the book: "I don't recall the first time I died, but I do remember the second time I was born" I hope it hit you the same way it did me... which was "whoa! what?! second birth? first death? who gets that!? what's going on?" Or something like that.

So already, it starts out with a catch. The way things happened and fell into place were things that I wouldn't think of, but they held merit and I couldn't deny it (about 98% of the time). Besides the "who" behind all the bad stuff happening.. I guessed that one pretty quickly. The "dregs" were interesting creatures.. some of them. Some were like the ones you have no idea what they look like, you just know they're scary and you would not want to cross paths with one any day of the week.

I'd put this more in the Urban Fantasy section, if they had it at major book stores (get with the times already! Not every Sci-Fi/Fantasy/or Romance belongs there!!) since there's some sexual tension, but it's not this passionate love affair or anything. It's more along the lines of fighting bad guys and solving mystery, and then there's the sexual tension. But as a lover of sex (*cough* i mean romance novels) I was left wanting more. I mean, sure there was one incident that was so sweet i almost cried (j/k, I don't cry) but I never got that ease of the tension. Which, even though I'd consider it Urban Fantasy, I think it'd be okay to add one extra awesome part for readers like me. Maybe Kelly Meding just didn't think it was appropriate to include, which is her prerogative, but I definitely don't think it would have taken away from her awesome book.

So, as much as I L-O-V-E this book, there were some parts that didn't quite make sense. Like... and without giving it away... the decisions made on page 138... I think that the thought might have crossed their mind as being...... un.. safe? okay, that's good, didn't give away ANYTHING!

Back to the love stuff. There was one character who had the power to make or break Kelly. And I'm so glad she got it right. I believe in coincidence, but I don't believe in easy persuasion and altering a person's choice. Especially if you want that person to be strong, caring and loyal. So out of it all, this character became a favorite because of how Kelly allowed them to speak rather than making it easier on her writing. So what happens to this character is so devastating I think I actually did start to tear up for a little bit. I wish it could have been different, but I'm sure it was just as hard for Kelly to do as it is for me to even think about doing it to my non-important characters.

I know, I know... this pretty much tells you nothing. That's the point. Sort of. I want you to know how I felt while reading this book so you can choose for yourself if you want to go on the ride. (Which I REALLY recommend for this one!).

1. Cover +1
2. Hooked: +1
3. Finished the book: +1
4. Overall Feeling: :D +2
5. Re-readability: +1
6. Suggest to others: +9 [obsessive series readers only]
7. Lost time: nope! +1
8. Readability: +1

9 out of 10!!! :D Here's why:

If you're looking for an action packed, mind game, sort of Memento feel, and an Urban Fantasy book all wrapped up in one neat package... READ THIS!!!

Not for the ones who like sex... I mean romance... though you get a brief tumble with our favorite thing ;). Definitely worth the read anyway :D... but I can't suggest it to that type of reader with absolute conviction that they'll enjoy it (we all wish) as much as I have.

2nd book in the Dreg City Series: As Lie the Dead
Other Reviews:
Paranormal Fantasies (Thanks for showing me the second book! I was hoping for it!)

**Please let me know if you've reviewed this and would like me to add your link :D**



AH!!! I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted.... like a whole-almost-week!

I haven't just been sitting on my awesome behind and doing nothing. There's been a lot of personal things to work through (good & bad, but definitely nothing you want to read about on a book blog).

I finished: 
- One Bite With a Stranger by Christine Warren
- MORE by Sloan Parker, and 
I'm almost done with She's No Faerie Princess by Christine Warren.
I'll have those + a ton of other way behind reviews up soooon!

AND! Thursday Throwdown is going to continue next week!!! :D Two week vacation to revamp it right? Right!

I started working on another series (writing)... I have been thinking about writing it for some time now, and I like how it's starting and how it feels when I write it. I don't know if I'll post it on this website since I REALLY want to be published... and I'm not sure they like that kind of thing. BUT I'll think about what I can post on here! Not that I'm putting anything second rate here **gasp**. I just have a good feeling about this one.

I can honestly say I missed you! All... 19 of you... okay, 18.. because one is me (hey! I wanted to see how my stuff pulled up on blogger! haha. Purely research and curiosity.


April 2010 Wrap Up

Hey! So I know it's already May 7th, but it's never too late :D.

The Assignment by Evangeline Anderson
Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs
Str8te Boys by Evangeline  Anderson
Wolf at the Door by Christine Warren
Moon Craving by Lucy Monroe
Somebody Killed His Editor by Josh Lanyon
and I re-reviewed Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?
Teaser Tuesday
Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday Throwdown
Friday Blog Hop

I'm glad I read and reviewed more than I thought I did in April!

Status on my goal: 8 out of 30 (7 if you count one that I have yet to review.. but we won't)

I plan to review:
  - Three Days to Dead by Kelley Medin
  - Walk on the Wild Side by Christine Warren
  - A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbachg,
  - One Bite With A Stranger by Christine Warren, &
  - MORE by Sloan Parker
annnd more!! That's all I've finished or started so far!

How's your Monthly Wrap-up?


Waiting on Wedensday

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is repeats, since last week's had a books that weren't coming out this week [bummer]:

Super excited to get these ones:

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

Released: 5/18/10

I wish I hadn't washed my hands when I touched it last week at work... I can still feel the coolness of the cover on my fingertips.

*sigh* waiting is hard!

Torment by Lauren Kate
Released: September 28, 2010

I still have to read Fallen by Lauren Kate, but I just love her covers. WHEN my books are published, I hope they look as awesome as these

I think that's all I have! At least have time for updating while at work ;).

What are you waiting for!?! I want to wait with you :D


Last Call for Thursday Throwdown Votes!

Don't forget to vote!!!


Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts

Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts

Series: Bride Quartet
Released 4/27/2010

Why I read: I read the first two in this series and enjoyed them! I wanted to continue reading to find out what happens with each character.

Favorite Quotes:
(talking about exercise endorphins. Laurel to Mac)
"How do you know when you orgasm?"
"Yea?" Mac brightened. "It's like that?"
"Sadly no, but the principle of 'you know when you get there' is the same..."

(Parker and Laurel. Del took something of hers)
"It was nothing like that. I took them off, and then he was there, and I left them after... Nothing. It was sort of tit for tat."
Parker nodded. "Your tit or his tat?"

Barnes and Noble Synopsis:

New Love takes the cake in the third novel in Nora Roberts's new Bride Quartet-in a stunning French flap edition Wedding baker Laurel McBane is surrounded by romance working at Vows wedding planning company with her best friends Parker, Emma, and Mac. But she's too low-key to appreciate all the luxuries that their clients seem to long for. What she does appreciate is a strong, intelligent man, a man just like Parker's older brother Delaney, on whom she's had a mega-crush since childhood. But some infatuations last longer than others, and Laurel is convinced that the Ivy League lawyer is still out of her reach. Plus, Del is too protective of Laurel to ever cross the line with her-or so she thinks. When Laurel's quicksilver moods get the better of her-leading to an angry, hot, all-together mind-blowing kiss with Del-she'll have to quiet the doubts in her mind to turn a moment of passion into forever...


My review: 

I had been looking forward to this book since I finished Bed of Roses (having already read the first in the Bride Quartet Series: Vision in White). This book, though I wished it were different, failed to deliver... anything.

I was looking forward to reading about the brother. He was the protector of the group of girls, and he had a problem with the love interest in Bed of Roses, and I just wanted to see how he thought of himself having already scolded someone for doing the same thing. That, and I hardly knew much about Laurel from the previous books so I was excited to see who she really was.

I was ready for internal conflict or awkward moments, etc. None came. Everything was perfect. Sun shining, orgasmic sex every time (though briefly glossed over), hard work out schedule (who sticks to it so religiously?!) and everyone loves everything she does. There was hardly any ugly moments and when there was, it had nothing to do with the character really. Someone else was creating the ugly moment. They were both really boring people.

The only time either Del or Laurel showed an ounce of human was at his office. And that was just Del. A lot of times, either one would "think" something profound and there would be no tension or suspense built to that moment. For example, after "ee eee eee-ing" (aka.. how #1 and I refer to having sex as) together, Laurel thought it was a life time of dreams come true... without build up. The sex was glossed over so much that you couldn't even grasp what they were feeling (obviously the emotions, since that's how women have sex mostly, and it would appeal to a greater audience to do that). But the sex to me, was forgettable. The emotions and feeling surrounding them during sex was forgettable.

Maybe it was because the book was really hard to follow. Or it could be because the relationship between Del and Laurel didn't match. They didn't complement each other, in my opinion at least, so I had a hard time believing in their relationship. I could also point fingers at the fact that I dislike the "feel good" romances. Things go wrong in relationships and life, I don't want to read about a religiously fit and perfect cake maker. You could be the best cake maker and still not get at least one cake bid right. There's too much "happy tears" in this one. I don't wish death upon people so they're as miserable as I am. But, not everything goes according to what you want, how you want it, etc.

So, did I feel like my time was wasted? Yes
Would I read it again? No
Would I recommend others to read it? only if you don't like missing books in series like I dislike.

1. Cover +1
2. Hooked: +.5
3. Finished the book: +1
4. Overall Feeling: ugh: +0
5. Re-readability: +.0
6. Suggest to others: +1 [obsessive series readers only]
7. Lost time: +0
8. Readability: +0

I think this is the lowest I've ever given something. 3.5 out of 10. I never understood the appeal of Nora Roberts, but I thought I'd give her a try. I mean, she has a butt-load of books out! (a butt load is equivalent to a crap load... which equals out to be a lot) And I really did like the first two in her series, but I may be a little more hesitant the next time I want to try a book of hers. Unless you have some recommendations?

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