FrEAk OUt!!

Ah! so in case you didn't know... I work at a book distribution company (we stock grocery and department stores with books... I do the computer/desk work behind the scenes)... and I was walking by someone's desk and saw they were working with a book that I ... I would probably sell my first born for. They always are the hardest to deal with anyway, right? You get it better the second time around. ;). (I may be a little biased.. since I'm the second child.. hehe)

So I walk by and about have a heart attack. I've joked around that I needed to go into our warehouse and search every box until I find this book and take it home with me. I wouldn't be able to sleep, I'd just keep reading. Work would take a distant second in my "need-to-definitely-take-care-of" list. #1? Who's #1.. that kind of thing... Buuut... I never checked to see if we received it in, since the temptation would be too great.

Well, walking by that desk, I saw it. Wrapped in a rubberband with 2 other absolutely insignificant books in my tunnel vision... Vampire Academy's Spirit Bound. I almost... I don't know... grabbed it, stuffed it under my sweatshirt, and ran outside with it. Or bite the person holding it and take the other two books in the rubber band to knock them out. I even contemplated using ground coffee beans to rub in their eyes so they would be blinded until I stole it, claiming stress overcame me and I blacked out for the past couple minutes.... But I didn't. No, I definitely did caress it.

Now that I know it's in... I don't know if I'm going to make it until May 18th.. Hell, I don't think I can make it until May! I may go insane. Stop eating. Stop exercising. (okaaay, so the last one I want to do anyway... but can't do that with the wedding coming up.. in 129 days..). I just, I dunno.. the book looked like the biggest so far. Blood Promise was pretty big, but this was larger than expected. I've always <3 Rose and Dimitri and Adrian so much!!! And I NEED to know what happens! aaagh!


Katelyn said...

Omg...I'm laughing out loud as we speak...I'm totally with you as far as how much I'm dying in anticipation over this release! I thought waiting for Blood Promise to come out was rough but once I finished that one I immediately cringed at the thought that the wait was starting all over again! I can't wait until this one comes out!

Amber said...

I KNOW!!! Thanks for understanding the pain! And after they saw how weird I got around it... they hid it. lol. Now I'll never get a chance to get it early.

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