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Hey friends!

I believe I'm behind on just 1 book of the series (don't worry, it's sitting on my shelf, taunting me), but I am having a hard time waiting for work to be over with so I can go buy Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter! It's been on my Waiting on Wednesday meme every single week!! So you better believe I'm not stopping until I've licked the cover of my future copy at Borders... Hopefully they let me walk out of the store with it before they carry me away in a straight jacket where "everything will be okay".

Actually, is there something called a tongue sanitizer? Because I can only guess how many people have handled each book before it gets to my hands (my guess would be pretty accurate since I know how many it takes to get it in to grocery stores) so I would hate to catch something by licking it. And I can't not lick it... that's how you're supposed to claim things.. even cars! Plus, it would be just my luck that I would grab the last copy at the store and someone tries to steal it from me. Imagine if you did that and I yelled after you "I licked that!!! It's mine!!!" OR... WHAT IF!! I don't get any copy, but I see someone walking around with the last one, and I steal it from them... then lick it. They can't very well ask for it back... I licked it!

So you see, I need tongue sanitizers... (besides the obvious brushing teeth... I can't carry a tooth brush around too) If you can create/test/mail me that before 3:00pm today... that'd be cool.

AnYwAy! Go get your copy today!!!! OORR EELLSSE!!! :P

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