More by Sloan Parker

More by Sloan Parker
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series: Gay/Lesbian Erotica
Loose ID Pub
March 2010

**I won this book in a contest put on by Janna at E-Romance Reader. Book was provided by Sloan :D AAND it was the first contest I've ever won :D**

Blurb from Sloan Parker's Website:

For fifteen years Luke Moore has lived by three rules: stay off his father's radar, never spend more than a single night with any man, and never fall in love again. But one night of explosive sex and two men whom he can’t get out of his head have Luke breaking them all. Richard and Matthew push him past all his boundaries—both sexually and personally—and now he’s no longer hiding from his senator father; he’s taking him on. And he isn’t just falling for one man; he’s falling for two. If you're going to break the rules, might as well break them big.

But Luke’s father has his reasons for hating how his son lives, and he’ll do whatever he can and use all his power to keep Luke away from Richard and Matthew.

Can this threesome find a way to make their unconventional relationship last with the world around them trying to pull them apart? And will Luke be able to keep breaking his rules for Richard and Matthew, or will he head back to his familiar way of life just when his new lovers want to bind him tighter?


So.. I don't know about everyone else who reads the gay/lesbian romances.... but I LOVE the warnings they put at the beginning of the books. They all sort of differ a bit but on my "cheat sheet" note-card I use for all my books, I wrote that this one made me smile :D (oh.. and something about making me want to call my practitioner... though I'm not a dude, and all these things would probably be moot anyway).

Alright, the first sentence caught my attention fast. What a way to start too. I immediately thought "why?" "who?" and got scared for and protective of the main character, Luke. He's troubled in only the way that a bad past and hard living could create, and you realize that it's so much worse than you thought as the story progresses.

*sidenote* Sloan's female. Which already predisposes her for harsher judgment (from me... sorry) on her interpretation of the male mind. It's just as complicated as a female, but in a simpler way (exactly what I meant by complicated). But she TOTALLY pulled it off. She built Luke up so well that I really thought he was writing the story, not Sloan. Which seems harder and harder to find the more books I read.**okay, end sidenote**

This book really helped me see into that other world. Being a straight female with the same boyfriend (sorry.. fiance) from high school, I have NO idea what happens in the dating world, let alone in that one. For example.. are there really clubs where you can go and have anonymous sex at?! How ingenious if it's true! Especially for men. (Read the book before you say "Umm. that's every bar Amber", then you'll know what I mean ;)-). 

ANYWAY! It's explosive from the start (the sort-of-pun was intended :P). Luke can be very vocal about his specific sexual wants and needs, but closes down when it gets to be more than that. When he meets Matthew and Richard and they give him what he wants and more until you are speaking aloud to the book and an empty room for him to just let go and enjoy, everything

Matthew's such a sweetheart and only from reading about him I really wish I could pinch his cheeks (upstairs cheeks for you dirty minds) because he was so freaking cute. Or shrink him and put him in my pocket so I can keep him close to me at all times. Matthew's fear he had to overcome was minor compared to Luke's. I was so happy with how he came about that fear (ummm... not in the "yay, I'm glad you suffered kind of way". But the "I'm so glad it wasn't because of the typical 'drunken parent'" way...)

Richard is more of the protector, but sort of the gentle giant too. He loves emotionally and physically but he'll use both to pound you to a pulp if you look at him or the other two funny. He had a hard time not being in control (outside of the bedroom of course) and though he seemed like the strongest of them all, he was vulnerable to certain things you wouldn't expect from a big guy.

I don't want to give away too much about the book since I want you to read it! Like now... Okay.. wait until the end of this post before you go just yet! So what I will give away about it is that it is fantastic. I tried reading it on my break at work until I realized an hour went by (45 minutes longer than I should have taken). Woops! So that put an end to that. 

Like with all great books... I had a hard time finishing it. What happens is that I want to know sooo badly how it ends... except for the part when it actually ends. So, while I won this in a contest back in April... I didn't finish it until mid-May. Part of it was because I was afraid of how Sloan would end it. Endings, for me, tend to make or break the entire book. Where every experience so far, no matter how great, has the chance to fail miserably. And the other part was because I didn't want to stop reading about these characters. But, just like the way Luke thought/felt/acted, she pulled it off beautifully.

One thing I noticed with her writing that I usually only see with "seasoned" authors is that she wrote with that cocky arrogance. But she also maintained the vulnerability of a new author. So she told you all you really needed to know and actually spent time to make it flow. Most of the time, even with my favorite authors of both "seasoned" and new, they go too far on either side of the spectrum. For example.. Nora Roberts... she's an arrogant writer. She focuses on the fluff and spares the details (IMO). On the other side is an author like Rachel Vincent. Her first book (Stray) contained sooo much detail that it ended up (though I enjoyed it immensely) breaking that flow a bit... does that make sense? Probably not since my flow and detail suck ;). All you need to know is that it was written really well, and she's been added to my favorite authors!!

1. Cover +1
2. Hooked: +1
3. Finished the book: +1
4. Overall Feeling: :D +2
5. Re-readability: +1
6. Suggest to others: +2
7. Lost time: nope! +1
8. Readability: +1

10 out of 10!!! :D. One person on the cover looks like someone I used to know, so of course I have to love it... Oh, and the fact that there's two other hunks on there too :P. Annnd I know I don't usually suggest or recommends gay/lesbian or even erotica books to those that don't read them, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest you read this one (with the disclaimer that you are fully aware that this is a m/m/m erotica... okay?!)

So thanks again Janna and Sloan Parker for doing this contest and letting me read/review MORE!! :D

Here's Janna's review
Sloan Parker's Website
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**pst... After you read this!! *cough*hopefullysoon*cough* you can read another book in this series about Walter Simon :D (It's "in progress".. which means that you need to buy her book so if she has one, she can quite her day job to finish it quicker ;p)**


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