RIP Paul Gray

Since I'm a lover of rock and metal music, I'm just getting the word out that Paul Gray, bassist of Slipknot, died yesterday (May 24, 2010). Not sure why or how as of yet, it's just stated that it was sudden. Obviously, due to the rock lifestyle and the fact that he was 38, there has been speculation of substance abuse. But whatever, he's dead, that's the point of this post. I don't care how. It sucks either way. I wonder how Slipknot will move on. I mean, he wasn't the lead singer but it still has an effect on the people close to him.

But since the band is a business, I hope they can pull through and find a kick-ass bassist to move forward with. I know they'll still be able to produce great records even if Paul's not with them. And if it was caused by illegal substances, I hope that the rest of the band can see this as a warning... (if they're even doing it!!)

Try listening to a song of theirs (if you don't like metal: I recommend "Snuff") as a tribute! Thanks gals/guys for this moment!


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