Your help please!!

Hey Everyone!!!

This weekend I'm going to my FIRST! really cheap book sale put on at UC Davis by the Friends of the Library. :D I've never gone to one before! Which means I don't know what they have or what to expect, but we're going on the $5-a-bag day. SO!! since it's so cheap, I was hoping I could get a few books to give away in some contests! But what I need from  you guys is:

Are there any authors you want me to look for?
Are there any genres you want me to look for?

I know these are all used books, but I'm only looking for the best for you awesome people! Otherwise, if I can't find the best, I'll buy the 2nd best, read it myself, review it, then request a copy from either the publisher or the author to give away... If that doesn't work... well than crap... (when I mean best... MAYBE a crease on the spine... though I enjoy used books a lot, so I can still use them if you REALLY want me too, but we'll stay away from that).

Thanks so much for your help everyone!!! I'm so excited I may have to put on a diaper to prevent wetting my pants ;p.


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