How do you read?

Last week sometime, I got my... erm... 2nd  library card!!! I used to have a library card back in my hometown, but my brother used it and ruined the books he check out... and I just never felt right about going back after that. Needless to say, it's been about.... 7 ish years since then, and if going by the time that bad luck or gum is digested, I thought it was time!

But! Being the bookstore snob that I am, I really don't like how they have the sections set up. It's so annoying and impossible to figure out. I guess it's just because I'm re-learning it. There's not even a quarter of the selection that bookstores have, in my library.Since it's fairly new, I'm giving it a pass p

Since they don't have a great selection, I've decided (and started practicing) that I will use my library for books I want to read, but don't want to buy. Because there are a lot. You know those types of books right? They can be books that won't ever make it to mass market (the small ones), therefore, too expensive (example: Self-help, Recommends, etc). Or they're books written by money hoarding people, but I want to see why people LOVE them (example: Glenn Beck, the bible and other religious studies... etc).

Then there's the e-books! I get the ones that are either cheap (the $1.99 ones!!) or they're  EROTICA books ;p. I just have a hard time walking around with a mostly naked man that may have just a leaf covering his fun parts on the cover... It doesn't make me as uncomfortable as it does other people who see it. I just can't wait until I get a Nook! I've been reading all my e-books on the Barnes and Noble desktop reader on my laptop or desktop. PLUS! There are some awesome decals for the Nook that makes me want it even more. hahaha.

I save buying real books for all the mass markets! AND all the books that are written by my favorite authors, or a series I really enjoy. I haven't been buying too many Y/A titles lately though. That's because my boss has been getting them from the publisher so I can say yay or nay to putting them in our stores.

So that's how I read! How do you read your books?


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