Caught! by Lori Foster

Things are heating up between security expert Dillon Jones and the notorious Virginia Johnson! They're trying to find out who framed Dillon's brother for embezzlement. As they search for the truth, Dillon can't help but draw closer to feisty Virginia. His code of honor is barely keeping him in check…but leave it to a take-charge woman to take what she wants!

After finding her—now former—fiancĂ© in bed with another woman, Sara Simmons decides that love and marriage just aren't for her. What she needs is a hot fling. Enter hunky next-door neighbor Gavin Blake. But Gavin is playing for keeps, and he's vowed to hold out for more than sex. Begging isn't Sara's style…but she will if he won't!

This is another two book... book =) So it's double the pleasure and double the FUN!

Once again, I loved Lori Foster. She managed in such a short book to build a great foundation for the characters, giving them a realistic edge without overdoing it. The way she writes so simply, but... well, not is spectacular.
And so far... not two characters are the same. Sure they all end up the same way... tangled in bed sheets and sweating their skin off, but their stories, their passions, their values, how they get to that same ending... they're different. One thing I noticed in SAY YES was that she took the profession of the character and used that (and of course their upbringing) to form their thoughts and feelings and motives.
And just in case you didn't think that was enough of a praise, in TAKEN she made it easy for me to feel the love of a man when being overweight. I know you know what I mean girls ;). In all the romances (at least that I've read) and movies (besides maybe Shallow Hal) it's always the skinny chick who's being played down to be ugly, then all they have to do to show her "inner beauty" ignite is have her be her normal self... and that's just not all that realistic. That's why I stopped watching chick flicks too... well, part of it.
So I've mentioned the good, the great, and the excellent. Now on to the bad. This book is the size of a normal book, but it's a two in one. Meaning... they're very short stories. In fact...

TAKEN, though I loved it, was too long compared to the whole book size. It took me three (very busy days) to complete it and only one to complete SAY YES. I would have loved for SAY YES to be longer, even if the book had to be longer. That's why I'm only giving this one a four stars...

She's a very talented writer and I know she could have been exceptional with just a little more on Sara and Gavin.


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