Stake That! by Mari Mancusi

Stake That
by Mari Mancusi
December 2006
Romantic/Paranormal Young Adult

Why I read it: To decide whether or not my boss should put it in our stores (along with the rest of the series).

Synopsis from Barnesandnoble[dot]com.

The edgy young vampire series continues!
A fresh voice and fresh blood-it adds up to one very sassy vampire series...
Sisters. They'll swipe your clothes, your boyfriends, your destiny. But it wasn't exactly Rayne's twin Sunny's fault. Magnus, a vamp hottie and coven leader, mistook Sunny for Rayne last month and bit her instead. Now they're doing the inter-species dating thing.
Turns out that for every generation, there's a Vampire Slayer-and this time around, it just happens to be Rayne MacDonald. Her first mission: infiltrate a seedy vamp bar downtown and expose its vampire owner for purposely spreading a blood disease he created himself-a task almost harder than passing trig.
After going it alone once, Rayne realizes she needs help. So Magnus sends his sexy Goth buddy Jareth to go undercover with her. And, frankly, Rayne wouldn't mind going under the covers with him. Maybe fate doesn't bite after all...

This time with this series, I actually couldn't wait to keep reading this book. Once you get past the valley-girl language (which I never thought I'd say... what's next? Gray hairs?), and the sometimes hard to follow sentences, it's a great story. Oh, and once you got past the slow start and a money hungry troll... Okay, the troll wasn't real, I made it up. She started it out in a blog format, which I thought was really neat! It tied in the last book with this second one. But then she stopped because stuff got hard for Rayne. The comments at the end were the best part. They were witty and showed a bit more of the character and how she deals with other people that aren't so close to her. Plus, just about every blog of hers was commented on! That's something I don't know much about ;).

Along with the slow beginning, there was way too quick of an end. And for the 2nd time, I will complain about the 1 thing I had a problem with... cute, neat packaging at the end. Everything in their plan works semi perfectly. The only hiccup didn't seem as detrimental as I would have thought it would be. Once again, she left me wanting more from her. Rayne's not made of stone! Let her feelings seep through!!!! Because I would love to see it, read about it, hear it. I dunno, it just seems cheesy to me. And I don't do well with cheese :(. [I don't mean the delicious dairy product that tastes like a slice of heaven... no!]

The difficulty I had with the characters where the same as before. Mom's out of her flippin' mind. Those girls deserve better than her. The dad is a pathetic loser. I'm sorry, I have  no sympathy for selfish parents. But that's a hot button with me already... and Mari pushed the button! hehe. Rayne seems even more dramatic and illogical. She doesn't make good decisions, and she doesn't know how to be responsible for her bad decisions. She has that sense of entitlement sweating out of her pores. I think Jareth was my favorite. Magnus had a few cameos in the book,

There was a surprise at the end! I won't spoil it, but it is neat :D Oh, and it's not the very very end... it's the end of the trouble that was wrapped up nicely ;)

Should you read it?: I definitely think you should read Boys that Bite first! But in this instance, the sequel is better than the original. If you liked the first one, you'll love this one better. If you didn't like the first one... read this one anyway to give it another shot.

Would I read it again?: Probably not. Just because it's too short and it didn't leave a lasting impression on my mind. I was interested in the well being of the characters, but it was just too neatly wrapped I think. And the passion in there was lacking a bit.


1.Cover: +1
2. Hooked: +0
3. Finished the book: +1
4. Overall Feeling: Pos +1
5. Re-Readability: +0
6. Suggest to others: +1
7. Lost time: Nope +1
8. Readability:+0. 5

so it looks like this gets a 5.5 out of 10.

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